NameTypeDominion/AssociationCultureTime PeriodPseudonymsInteractionOther Notes
The Black DogBeast, SpiritDeath, OmensEnglish/Western European800 C.E. to CurrentBarghest, Black Shuck, Padfoot, Church Grim, Black Shag, Shriker, Moddey DhooGenerally dangerous. May protect you, may kill you with a look. Best to avoid, but the typical tribute as thanks for receiving help would be recommended for the less malevolent cases.
ChimeraChimeraDestruction, Blighted LandsGreco-RomanPre-HomericChimaera, KaimaeraComprised of a Lion, a goat, and a snake or dragon tail. Breaths fire. Snake may or may not be venomous, depending on accounts. Slain by forcing lead down the throat as the Chimera breaths fire.Depictions of the Chimera and Chimera like creatures appear in Corinthian, early Etruscan, Hittite, and Indu Civilization artwork. Chimera has become a general term for any creature composed of two or more animals, and is used medically to describe people with multiple sets of genes.
TsukumogamiYokaiJapanAny object that takes on a personality or soul (kami) after a century. The personality and appearance is consistent with it’s treatment before hand, with rips and tears forming faces. While generally harmless pranksters, the more abused Tsukumogami would become hostile and attack their owners.